What is the ECENC?

South Carolina’s ECENC helps students with special needs attend credentialed private schools. Parents can chose either tuition tax credits or scholarships funded by Exceptional SC.

What is a scholarship?

A payment made by Exceptional SC to an eligible school, in the name of an exceptional needs student, of up to $11,000 for tuition, transportation and textbook expenses.

What is Exceptional SC?

A special charity, called Exceptional SC, awards scholarships to exceptional needs children. These scholarship grants allow eligible children to attend participating private schools. Individual and corporate donors to Exceptional SC are eligible for South Carolina income tax credits.

Exceptional SC is:

  • A South Carolina based 501(c)3 tax exempted non-profit corporation
  • Required to spend 97 percent of its income on grants
  • Govern by a coalition of SC private school associations
  • Forbidden from having felons, bankruptcy filers or recipient parents serving as directors, volunteers, contractors, consultants, or fundraisers
  • Required to complete an annual comprehensive audit and report, providing it to the Department of Revenue (DOR) and the State Legislature
  • Never allowed to release personally identifiable information pertaining to students or donors or use information collected for financial gain

How do I apply to Exceptional SC?

  1. Confirm your child is an exceptional needs student set to attend an eligible school
  2. Visit and click “Apply Now” to complete an online application
  3. If approved, Exceptional SC issues a check to the school in the name of the student

Are renewal applications given priority?

Yes. Exceptional SC is required to develop a process that “prioritize[s] the awarding of grants to eligible incumbent grant recipients at eligible schools”

What is the timeline?

Before awarding any grant, the Fund must receive written documentation from the student’s parent or guardian documenting that the qualifying student is an exceptional needs child. Upon approving the application, the fund must issue a check to the eligible school in the name of the qualifying student “within either thirty days upon approval of the application or thirty days of the start of the school’s semester.”