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What is the ECENC?

South Carolina’s ECENC helps students with special needs attend credentialed private schools. Parents can chose either tuition tax credits or scholarships funded by Exceptional SC.

What is an Eligible School?

An Eligible School is one that can enroll exceptional needs children who’ve been awarded grants from Exceptional SC or for whom tuition tax credits are claimed.

Learn more about the school eligibility process.

How does a school apply?

The Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is the state organization that compiles the list of schools authorized to enroll students receiving ECENC scholarships. Schools provide the EOC with a Letter of Assurance indicating they meet eligibility criteria in order to be listed. At the end of the school year, the school completes a Compliance Audit providing proof of each item if they enroll a minimum number of scholarship winners.

What are the steps of school participation & compliance?

1. (Form A) Statement of Assurance certifying your school meets the definition of an eligible school, wants to participate in the program in 2016-17, and that your school will comply with the requirements of the law.

2. (Form B). The number and total amounts of grants received from each nonprofit scholarship funding organization in 2015-16

2. (Form C) Assessment data from 2015-16 documenting for each grade tested and for each grade with at least 10 students in the grade, the English Language Arts (reading) and mathematics achievement of students in the grade. High schools, may also provide PSAT, SAT or ACT scores of your students.

2. (Form D) Copy of a compilation, review, or compliance audit of the school’s financial statements, conducted by a certified public accounting firm.

3. Create or update an academic profile information for your school.

How is scholarship money issued?

The ECNEC Fund must issue a check to the eligible school in the name of the qualifying student.In the event that the qualifying student leaves or withdraws from the school for any reason prior to the end of the semester or school year and does not re-enroll within thirty days, then the eligible school must return a prorated amount of the grant to Exceptional SC based on the number of days the qualifying student was enrolled in the school during the semester or school year within sixty days of the qualifying student’s departure.

What about teachers?

Independent school teachers can apply for up to $275 in refundable tax credits for out-of-pocket classroom expenses. Learn more about the tax credit!