ECENC Timeline

February 2012 – House passes universal school choice legislation, H.4894.

May 2013 – “Exceptional Needs” portions of H.4894 inserted into State Budget as Proviso 1.85.

June 2013 – State Budget 2013-14 enacted; “Access Opportunity” established to support ECENC implementation.

January 2014 – First donations made, and first tax credits reserved.

May 2014 – Proviso clarified and renewed as Proviso 1.80 in 2014-15 State Budget.

  • Alternative track for student eligibility determination
  • DOR language strengthened
  • SFO oversight and limits tightened

June 2014 – $5.8 million of $8 million credit cap met as State Budget Year 2013-14 concludes.

July 2014 – ECENC “resets” as State Budget Year 2014-15 begins.

November 2014 – $8 million credit cap met for State Budget Year 2014-15.

June 2015 – ECENC renewed; $4 million in Tuition Tax Credits added to $8 million in credits for SFO donors

  • SFO oversight consolidated at DOR
  • School application and reporting process clarified
  • Direct credits for parents and guardians paying tuition out-of-pocket added

June 2016 – ECENC renewed and revised

  • Maximum per-student grants and credits raised to $11,000
  • Incumbent ECENC students assigned first priority for grants
  • Single, statewide scholarship provider (ECENC Fund) created to serve all eligible students at all approved schools, governed by the SC private school associations
  • $10m of the program cap assigned to grants, $2m to tuition credits
  • Grant checks to be issued within 30 days of semester start or approval of student’s application
  • Schools must offer a program or learning center to provide student accommodations, or onsite educational services or supports; or be a dedicated special education school

July 2016 Exceptional SC begins taking donations and scholarship applications